Friends, Guilds & GBM

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Friends, Guilds & GBM

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A while back I added a function that highlighted if a GBM contract (shown inside the GBM office) was from a Guild Member. Been in place for a while and seems helpful to most of you that use the GBM a lot.

A staff member asked recently if it might be possible to 'also' show if the contract belonged to a 'Friend' in your 'Friends List'...

I mulled this over figured the least obtrusive way and less over head for the code and add a new function to the far left of each column. Now if the contact is also listed in your friends list it will have a Gold Star next to it. I also amended the Guild highlight. Rather than a pale blue bar the players name is now in Red.

Lets see how this works (as there is always controversy when making this type of change). After a week or so I'll review.

For now - enjoy being able to see if the contract is not only a Guildee but also a Friend.

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