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Mech Week Winners

Posted: Wed Jan 01, 2020 2:26 pm
by Coops
First off Everyone Gets 5,000 Fuel into their depot this afternoon. That's just for the massive effort of smashing my top 750 Kills target. In fact, you eradicated it with the final scores at Staff 915 VS Players 1,154

I gave away over 250 Mech claimed reward packs, and my staff cohorts had their hands full giving them away as well so all in all Congrats! Now the winners.

1# Mkgel
2# Samudra
3# Albatro5
4# Porrima
5# The Wolf
6# Sylven
7# LadyGwen, Caliseer
8# Namie
9# Syros, Cashew
10# Lutes
11# Danik
12# Siddharth
13# Daemon
14# Hadron
15# Ophelia
16# Yogan
17# Morzorak
18# Prince Pranav
19# Falconner
20# Samson

Prize Box: All 20 Winners get to choose ONE item from the Box each. You may choose to bestow it on a friend/alt or Guild member if you choose. All claims must be made in writing VIA in-game PM to me (Coops) stating what your claiming and who it is to go too.

2 X Christmas Resource Token
10,000 Fuel Ticket
A Single Item from the Settlement Store Page HERE
An Single Item from the Genesis Store Page HERE
An Single Item from the Barge Store Page HERE
A CE Starter Pack 3 (Deluxe) from the CE Store Page HERE

Remember to decide what you'd like then contact me VIA PM with your decision.

Highest Mech Kills
This time around the winner is Albatro5 with PL HJR4X still standing (just) with 11 kills. Due to this Albatro5 get a DOUBLE DIP in the Prize Box!