Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas Fellow Exiles,

Coops Upgrades
I have just completed my second mammoth Coops Upgrade session working through the last few mornings to ensure you all got your queued upgrades back this morning.

Check out the topic if your unclear Over Here

Talking of this morning, I hope you all had a great Christmas / Festive Morning. I didn't get wet for once walking the dogs this morning and that made a pleasant change.

Mech War - Stomp The Staff
The Mech War rumbles on with the current scores at Staff 339 VS Players 436. That brings you ever closer to the Third Goal stage of 500. I've already added 2 stage rewards (see the Challenge thread for details) over the last few days.

Keep it up, remember EACH of my Mechs are prize mechs and you can claim rewards for up to 20 kills on those. Then there is the Santa Mechs, Kill one of those and claim a Christmas Resource Token! - Check out the Competition threads on the forums Over Here

San Ticlaws Collection Payout
This morning the Santa Collection Rewards were added to those captains accounts that took part. Check out the Festive Post on that one in the forums. But a pat on the back for a job well done on that one. It's not always completed and this year you did it with four days to spare!

Read about it Over Here

In other news - I just placed the Christmas Turkey in the oven, so I think my desk is clear to get back to some Christmas day coding!

You all have a great few days of rest and relaxation and if you need to kill something from your armchair put a mech in the Zone!

Don't understand Mechs Read Here

Merry Christmas!


P.S we still have great offers and deals going on over in the CE Store. Along with rewards like Christmas Resource tokens and Coops Upgrade tokens! Check out the Special offers this December Over Here
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