Galactic Recovery Bureau

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Galactic Recovery Bureau

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Core-Exiles has been running for a very long time as a Sci-Fi browser game. We have old and new captains ranging from level 1 to level 190. One thing they all share in common is paying their Bills :) The game has several 'Accounts' for you to squirrel your funds into. The primary one is your Ships Account. This is pretty much your day to day slush fund and one which many game systems remove funds from.

Then there is the Galactic Bank Account. This one is an account to move funds to and from and save up for those large purchases you know your going to need one day. Also several in game functions take funding from here. There are other accounts also like Settlements and Corporations, but those are not what this post is about.

Because players are 'Real people with real lives TM' there will be times when you leave your ship and CE empire to fend for it's self. But that doesn't mean the bills don't get paid or fall due :) We also have a small % of captains who seem to think flying around in a ship with a negative balance helps them some how (go figure).

This, overtime leads to large negative ship accounts, which is somewhat unfair on the rest of you playing by the rules. So today that ends.

I have instigated a new ticker for the Galactic Recovery Bureau - This will check (daily) to see if any ships accounts have a negative balance. IF they do funds will be withdrawn form their Galactic Bank account. They will also be sent an in game communique from the Galactic Recovery Bureau informing them of this and the amount clawed back.

We are also tracking these claw backs in the DB for long term history. Over the Christmas week I will then begin to upgrade, tweak and adjust some of the CE systems that take funds from various locations. Overall my thrust here is to ensure you can't 'just go into debt' without having some penalties, Crew (Ships), Staff (Settlements) and all kinds of various in game activities all work on you being able to pay for them. I will begin to implement systems to ensure they no longer work if you cannot.

Mean time the Galactic Recovery Bureau (Officer Higgins) will begin to ensure the Galaxy is a more fair and Financially sound place :)


P.S if your ships account is in the Black and you pay your bills this post wont affect you :)
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