New Avatars & NPC's

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New Avatars & NPC's

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Today I added a new bunch of Avatars to the list YOU can choose as your Captains Avatars. These form part of a 100 Block of new toons that we possess. I have been holding onto these for a while but have decided now is a good time to release them.

Over the next few months we will be rolling out new NPC's - Yes you reads that correctly. Been many years since we added any and the process stalled until today :) No clues or hints as to which new NPC's or what they will be offering but suffice to say they will extend the NPC line in most walks of life.

They wont all come at once so keep a wary stalk on the forums and login section portal of the game.

For now you can go peruse the new Avatars and should you feel like a personality change 'make it so' :)

I've removed the buttons so simply Click the corresponding image. For the VI I did what I could by labeling them male, female, unknown and Android. Perhaps some kind soul will create a post expanding on their looks for the Blind.


P.S access Avatars via 'Game Info > Change Avatar'
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