CE Rank / Faction Standings

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CE Rank / Faction Standings

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Well this ones an interesting one. Way back when we first started there were Five initial factions to gain rankings with. This grew, then grew again and again. Now we have 'A lot' of them and they all have ranks reaching from 'Sworn Enemy' to 'CE Respected'.

There has been a long running post in the forums almost since month one trying to guess and report on WHEN each rank kicks in etc. But I think the time has come to make it a little more 'Official'.

So you can ALL thank Sunflowers for this one....

Today I have added a Mouse Hover (or if your VI / Blind I've added Tags) for each rank. Hover the mouse over the Image for the Faction in question. It will tell you how much XP is required for the NEXT level. You need to work out the difference between what you have and whats needed (I'm not doing all the work for you). But it now means you will know how much XP you need to make that next rank.

If your at max rank it will tell you...

Plus if you old rank was 'Sworn Enemy' it now displays your actual Negative XP and reminds you that you need POSITIVE XP to gain a foot hold in that rank.

Have fun with this one folks....

All praise goes to Sunflowers...

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