Email Accounts on CE

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Email Accounts on CE

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I thought I'd make a public announcement asking that you all consider ensuring your in game email address is up to date and valid. Plus for those of you that use 'spam directed email accounts' that the one you use here is one you actually check :)

We don't use your email address for any other purpose that to warn you if there is an issue with your account, or to validate you when it comes to a possible security issue or account deletion.

We don't pass this information on, or share it with anyone (we never have and never will)...

I often have issues when I need to contact a player about an in game issue or an account issue only to find the email they have given is dead, never
existed in the first place or more recently one they simply never checked.

You can change your email address in game from the Top left Tab Called 'Game Info' From there use the 'Edit Your Details' link. From there type in a new email address and hit 'Save Changes' you do not have to enter a new password to do so.

Again we don't use that email for anything other than game related admin contact.

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