June Supporter - Life Time PA Winner

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June Supporter - Life Time PA Winner

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As promised, during June, each purchase in the CE store gained the captain in question an entry into a Draw For a Life Time Premium Account.

I held that draw this morning. We had 387 registered visitors visit the site and 20 made Orders during June.

The winner drawn (by using https://www.random.org/)

Drawn from purchases made in June is: Rotor

Congratulations to Rotor. A life Times PA has been added to your account!

I will be offering the SAME again this month 'July'. So each sale in the store gains you an entry to the Draw on the 1st of August. The prize once again a Life Time PA. A BIG THANK YOU to those captains that showed their support in June. Again, not an easy month for anyone, so thank you very much!

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