Corporation - No Funding No access!

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Corporation - No Funding No access!

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A while back I spotted that we needed to clear up Corporations where the owner had left the game or simply decided to let the Corporation run itself into the ground. This was fixed (almost) by adding a ticker that checks for inactive 30 day accounts. It then looks for Corporation in Debt (negative balances) these fall into the category above and are summarily liquidated and removed.

Buildings go back to the account but the funds owning are taken from the captains account and the License revoked and the slot cleared for someone looking for a space.

Sadly it appears the more savvy player has figured out that they don't NEED to pay their corp bills as long as they login one a month!

Today no more...

Anyone who has a Corporation in debt (negative balance) will find they can no longer access any of the Corporation actions other than logs and the Bank. They will need to put funds into their account and KEEP it funded.

Some of the Corporations I'm talking about are sat with a debt of over 20 million! That's simply not playing to the spirit of the game, so you will all now need to keep your Corps Funded.

For those of you that missed the fact that Corps are removed if not funded and the owner is missing for 30+ days READ HERE It's a sticky topic in the Corporation Forum Section.

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