Change to 365 Account Deletion!

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Change to 365 Account Deletion!

Post by Coops » Sun May 26, 2019 11:59 am

365 Deletion is no more!
As of today 26th May 2019 we will no longer be Deleting accounts form the CE server for being inactive for longer than 365 days. We have now managed to get the storage system under control and the Database is back to a reasonable / manageable size :) (See I don't spend all my time drinking coffee and chatting lol)

Up till now we have been pruning (deleting) accounts from the Database that have been inactive for a Year. This kept the Database lean and trim for those who are playing every day. Having made certain changes over time this no longer required. So from today onwards no more account deletion for being inactive.

Accounts that Self terminate or are flagged for breeching Terms and conditions, will be locked and removed on the next maintenance cycle (generally Monday mornings). Also if your account was removed PRIOR to today then sorry but it's gone. We also reserve the right to remove accounts that have never been logged into.

Important Considerations
Whilst we will not be Delting any accounts for inactivity this does NOT mean that anything changes in respect of Settlements, Corporations, Genesis etc. These items still need to be FUNDED and in the case of Settlements MORALE must not drop below -25% for the settlement to remain intact and out of the hands of the Official Receiver.

Simply ensuring these items are WELL funded and Settlements are WELL defended will mean your account is intact and you can take a sabbatical IF you so wish. YOU are responsible for ensuring the above items are funded and secure should you go away for an extended period.

30 Day Inactivity
The 30 day inactivity will still be enforced, the only difference is that items will be moved to the Secure Store. Up till now items have been moved to an offline storage area. Again now that we have a better system in place there is no reason not to use it. Resources will be left in the Commercial Store (as you no longer need to pay for its services) So if you come back after 30 days and find your ships store empty - Look in the Secure Store and then take out what you need (trust me your ships store will load 10 times faster lol)

We have accounts that are still active and played each month tracking back to February 2008. So allowing players to have a fallow period without risk of loosing their account may help bring some players back and retain more over time.


P.S as I'm shutting down the Offline Storage I will be returning anything that was not correctly returned last time you returned from a 30 day + Sabbatical. Along with moving any stored items in that database to the local Secure Storage of the players. Along with returning any stored Resources to a central location (starbase-51)

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