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A Change to the Finder

Posted: Fri Sep 14, 2018 12:30 pm
by Coops
We added the Finder in CE a few years back. It was a compromise on speed with powerful filtering. For the most part, it works well for those of us with lean clean browsers, plenty of bandwidth and a lack of glitchy browser add-ons.

For the rest of you, it seems its a constant thorn in my side. I've tried umpteen ways to resolve the Finder speed issues but it simply merges a vast amount of data under the user's fingers. That takes time and in some cases causes your browser of choice to crash.

Recently you will be aware I've been making tweaks and edits to the game to try tidy up some of the accessibility issues for our VI / Blind brethren. Whilst doing that Holiday asked me to take a final look at the Finder.

So I went back to basics. Created a new Finder page with two search options. The page does NOT preload anything thus loads as fast as your bandwidth allows. (here less than a second).

You simply have two options -

Search by Promenade Office, Service or NPC or Search by Location.

This is two different ways of tackling the issue of either knowing what you're looking for but not where it is or looking at a specific location to see what's there.

The response to these searches is instant. (or again as fast as your bandwidth).

OK so CE players HATE change and before I get the holy book of CE Captain rules and regulations thrown at me, for those that WANT the old method its one 'Click' Away. There is a link top right to go to the old Finder.

So now EVERY one (Blind included) can search the game and if you want the old finder its still there you just have one extra click.


Re: A Change to the Finder

Posted: Sat Sep 15, 2018 11:05 am
by Coops
Seen a few 'angry comments' about the change. The change was added because more players failed to be able to use the old finder than could. As the DB of locations gets bigger that issue is only going to grow. That's not logical to leave hence the change. BUT I have NO plans to remove the old Finder.

It's one click away folks.

If you don't like the new finder FINE - click the yellow link for the old one in the top right-hand corner.

Please - no more hate mail. I'm a little tired of receiving hate mail when I'm trying to actually help a large % of CE players.