Starbase license rise

Make a suggestion & let the community sound it out. Almost all the best activities in game came initially from a player suggestion!
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Starbase license rise

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Not to sound whiny bit its a little disappointing for the price rise since the initial group had the opportunity to get their licenses for less then half the price if they were not bid against (10 out of the 13 got their license lower than the current minimum bid). And if nobody is bidding for the current list at 1 billion, why would they want them for 2.5
My suggestion is to cycle the locations every 30 days to at least give the opportunity for people to get a location they want if they have to pay more than double. Maybe give an option to allow a player to vote on a location they want in that cycle if they are not ready to purchase and it would leave that location in the list for one more cycle. Not sure how easy that is to implement but it seems like a reasonable request.
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Re: Starbase license rise

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I appreciate your 'thoughts' The initial phase of licences went from 22 Billion down to 1 Billion. No one was really ever meant to get a licence for 1 billion, and the low price mark meant that some players have gained a licence they have no chance of actually using properly. The 2+ Billion mark is a final stab ant REALLY making the point that starbases are SUPPPPPPPER expensive (once I flick the switch to start billing) plus the construction costs for buildings and making anything 'useful' out of the starbase experience means that many of those that scrapped under at 1 billion will simply struggle to do anything meaningful in their budget range.

I have already had PM's from two asking if they made a mistake... simply NOT reading the primer and warnings.

I am already going to have to start work on an Auction system for Starbases before I can activate the costing system due to this. (starbases are NOT designed to be removed from the game) hence when one is deployed it's there for the length of the game.

I understand that a few of you might feel that the markup has been a knee-jerk reaction, but this was a few weeks in coming, and I waited till the current bids were closed and completed.

Starbases are VERY expensive and VERY long-term items in the game, and not something I'm going to take lightly. Raising the opening bid is the first of a few steps to try to get players to understand this.

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