ORSA Extractors:Required Resource Edition

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Re: ORSA Extractors:Required Resource Edition

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If the stated goal was to combat the "drop+forget" tactic with extractors, then this change, in my humble opinion, has made the tactic more prevalent.

There is no longer any penalty to dumping extractors on a planet, a resource, etc, other than that you'll need to go pick up the resource at some point. Guilty party admission, here: I have no idea what my extractors are on right now (yes, I'm aware I can check if I like), and don't have to worry at all about when they expire or if they will hit capacity.

I just wait until I get mail saying my extractors have been returned, check my cargo hold to see what kind of extractors I got back, and then find a new dumping ground for them.

But, again: I actually like this new system. I like it a LOT. I just think some balance tweeks need to be made.
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Re: ORSA Extractors:Required Resource Edition

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MarcSp wrote: Mon Oct 05, 2020 6:21 am Longer term, if the goal is reduction of hoarding, and reduction of the mountains of resources, then more drastic
changes will need to be made.
I actually have two comments on that, fuel and refineries. I need a bit to type something proper up, and I'll make them new posts.
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