last 5% planet exploration landing restriction

Make a suggestion & let the community sound it out. Almost all the best activities in game came initially from a player suggestion!
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last 5% planet exploration landing restriction

Post by Albatro5 »

planet exploration must contain some competition and collective effort at the same time but it shouldn't be a reason to create bad blood among the community.Exploring a planet alone for almost a year just to see another captain jump on in and ninja finish the last % is just frustrating,disappointing and outraging.So i'm suggesting for the last 5% of a planet,landings to be restricted to all players except the chief explorer and only get to open for everyone again in the case the chief explorer becomes inactive for a set period of time.
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Re: last 5% planet exploration landing restriction

Post by Ophelia »

I think that's a very good idea Albatro5. I understand how much time, effort and expense planetary exploration involves and this seems a fair way to safeguard the main explorer. It would have to be up to Coops on how long a fair "inactive" period would be, but I will give my vote to your suggestion.
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Re: last 5% planet exploration landing restriction

Post by The Wolf »

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I have to agree with the above, that if you spend more then a year exploring a planet, only to find out that someone else finishes the planet you spend a lot of time and energy in to explore, I would not be happy at all.

Maybe instead of just the Chief explorer able to explore the last 5%, it would maybe be better to allow players who have explored more than 30% of the planet to continue exploring, and if no one qualifies, then its open for everyone to explore. This will also allow small groups of explorers who explore the same planet, finish it off.

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Re: last 5% planet exploration landing restriction

Post by Lost Queen »

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I don't know how the chief explore is determined, but what if you are racing another player? You may be listed as chief but only have a few explorations more than the next player.

Also, does it need to be 5%? I can do 90 explorations per day, and that only raises the SED by about half a percent.

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Re: last 5% planet exploration landing restriction

Post by pikolinianita »

in Expanse it could be few % per day, if you use mechs and Seraphim pods.
Also "lock" should be lifted after week-month of inactivity ( = no exploration)

Alternatively, we can replace bonuses for chief/last explorers with bonuses based on "exploration percent", which mean if you explored 90% of planet you get 90% of reward...
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Re: last 5% planet exploration landing restriction

Post by Yokose »

I like and agree with this idea, I think it is great! I too think that there should be some requirements that need to be met from the chief explorer before and after getting a 5% lockout set for the chief explorer.
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