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Rules - Multi Accounts - Bugs - Exploits

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One Account For FREE
Players may only create ONE FREE account per person. You may play this FREE account as usual and there will be no IP checking for 'Play' on your account.

If you wish to have a SECOND account you MUST have a Primary account already in Premium Account Status. It must also STAY in PA status for the life of your second account.

Only PA to PA accounts can trade on the same IP. The block is made at the point of trade and not allowed.

So in essence, you may PLAY on the same IP as other players without a PA, but trading on the same IP is still a PA (Premium Account feature only).

This opens the game up to a much larger audience, allowing brothers, sisters, Universities friends to all play on the same IP.

Please note we will flag an account for deletion where the Primary account is not in PA status. It is up you to ensure that at least one of your accounts is in PA if you want to play two.

Bugs & Exploits
Core Exiles is in 'Stable Beta'. That means we are still working on upgrades, patches and fixes, but mostly new content for you to enjoy. We take a very dim view of any player who locates a bug and then goes on to use this for gain or for exploitative personal reasons. All bugs should be logged via the in game bug track system.

We will take what ever action we deem necessary should we detect a player using in game bugs as exploits. We keep very extensive log files and review them on a regular basis for exploitative activity. Should we detect any we WILL act on it.

It's natural that you will have a dozen questions when starting out playing Core-Exiles. There are many ways to get the answer. First off there is a 'Help & Guides' section of this forum with many of the main questions and areas of the game covered. Time spent reading these will save you hours of trying to 'figure it out'.

Should you not find what you are looking for I would suggest using the 'Discord Chat' option that appears on the blue footer bar on most screens. From there you can chat with a staff member who may be able to help you. Our CSA staff work for free supporting CE and have a high level of knowledge between them.

You can also post the question here in the forums under the 'How Do I ? (Newbie Questions)' section. Don't be shy everyone has been new to CE at one time or another. Ask away and someone's bound to answer.
365 Day Account DELETION!
What does this mean? - Any account that reaches at least level 1 is safe from deletion for 365 days on inactivity. If you do not login to the game in a 365 day period we will delete your account from the server and all items pertaining to that account.

What Happens? - Simply put your account is DELETED. You are free to return and recreate another account but your current 365 day inactive account will be removed from the Game Database completely.

This has been updated from 180 days. Any account Live and at least level 1 or above as from the 18th Feb 2013 will be safe from deletion for 365 days.
The above section has been superseded As of the 26th May 2019. From this date accounts will only be pruned / removed from the system if they are self terminated OR if locked due to 'breeching' out Terms & Conditions. Read more HERE

Premium Account Exemption
Premium account members are exempt from 365 day deletion whilst your account is still an active paid up premium account.

14 / 30 Day Mail Rule
Due to excessive mail box storage by some players we have decided to implement a server wide 14 / 300 day rule. This means all mail in your main mail box will be deleted if it is over 14 days old. Archived mail has an extension leaving it on the server for 30 days. Should you wish to keep email for longer periods use the 'Export' feature and save your in game emails to your local PC.

Published: Aug 15, 2011
Updated: May 26 2019
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