StarShip Crafting (Primer)

This sections holds information on reaching Settlement Level Six and Beyond with your Settlement. 'General discussion' on settlements should be held elsewhere.
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StarShip Crafting (Primer)

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This is NOT an in-depth guide but a primer for those interested in going down the Starship crafting route and wish to know a little more before making the jump. There is a picture attached that shows a ship in the construction and planning phase of the build and will be referenced to in this text.

Player Made Ships - Basics
We have created a flexible 'option' system for crafting ships. This gives you a wide range of options when it comes to the end product, but is based on what you add to the Shake & Bake process.

Each ship requires a Ship Chassis, an Engineering Frame and an Armour Compound. You 'could' begin a ship cook with just these elements and still get a player made flyable ship out the other end.

But there are also various Optional Ship Packages you can add to your Shake and Bake project. You can add up to Five Extra packages of various types. These are based around Combat, Hauling and Multi Role capabilities.

Each item you add to the build process carries with it a set of stats which add to the whole. So in my example build I have chosen a Sierra Chassis and an Engineering Frame 1. These added the basic stats of the ship and with an armour compound I could have activated the cook process.

I decided though that I wanted more cargo space on this build and my customer had given me a Captain max level of 35. Of course i could have added various other package options but for this build i wanted to keep the costs as low as possible and the time frame (seen on the end) to a minimum.

Chassis & Packages
There are currently at time of release 20 Ship chassis and 18 Packages. There are also two Engineering Frames. The armour compounds are resources but I will let you figure out which ones. Each of the chosen resource has a base armour % modifier

Important Factors
Each item in your Shake and Bake View (as per the picture) has a stat that it will add or remove from the end ship cooked and delivered to your Ships Sale store. There is more than one way to get what you desire by mixing Chassis and Packages and remembering that the Armour compound will add a % to the overall ships HP.

Mix Match - Reset or Cook
The Shake & Bake view is a playground for you to mix and match till you get as close to what you want as possible. All it requires is that you have already manufactured (in the traditional sense) the packages (stored as modules)

If you like what you've got lined up to cook you can either activate the cook process or leave it and come back at a later date and change your mind. There is even an option to clear the build altogether on entry to the screen. The SMC building will remember your options and settings till you return or activate the cook.

Max and Mins
There are maximum and minimum tolerances. For instance the build process wont let you create anything that exceeds the norms, like a 14 pod ship or a ship with minus hull or such.

Skills All Round
Probably one of the coolest parts of a player made ship is that it carries with it a Skill bonus to the person flying it. On the Shake and Bake screen you will see a blue arrow pointing up. This is the level of Skill you will receive across the board on all bar Alien Skills. So in my example cooking this ship would give me a ship that at Captain level 33 I would get a 22 Skill point bonus to all my non Alien skills as long as I was flying it.

Time and Cost
As you add parts to your ship design you will see the top bar update. This will reflect all the ships promised stats and the Cook time in Hours on the end. This is real time so bare this in mind when planning a cook. The cost is calculated for you at the bottom based on Joes Base prices. This is added as a GUIDE to aid you in balancing your build as you go.

It's Cooked!
When you have completed the Cook process and the SMC has moved it out and into your Ships Sales Store it will go into the 'Back Store Room'. It will remain there until you decide to move it to the front of house and place it on display.

To move it to the front of house you need to assign it a Cost. Don't worry we also carry over the build cost for you and display this in the Store room along with all the ships new stats. This aids you in knowing what's what and how much it cost you to craft. Once you have assigned it a cost you can then either move it to the front of house or contract the ship to a specific player - Then move to front of house.

As a Customer you will see two sections to the ships sales office, one where normal ships on offer to everyone are displayed and a section with reserved contracted ships are available (if they exist).

As a Customer you will be able to take a closer look at the ship and review its stats before making a decision to purchase it. Please note you will require a Universal Hangar License to own and fly player made ships.

Yes its not a rumour. We have allowed for ALL Player made ships to have six crew slots. These in time will be opened to allow you to hire crew, assign them to your ship or send them out on tasks for you. (this section is pending testing at this time, but PM ships do have the crew slot accessible when being flown.

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