Sett Lvl 6 General Discussion

This sections holds information on reaching Settlement Level Six and Beyond with your Settlement. 'General discussion' on settlements should be held elsewhere.
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Sett Lvl 6 General Discussion

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Since there are a number of locked posts, and one reserved for "wishes", I figured I would start up a general post where we can talk about some of these new and upcoming aspects of the game. Some of these could be construed as wishes, but might already be included, as there is such limited information out at present.

I will preface that if you want any official information, please read the official posts. While based on what some of those posts say, this post will largely consist of rampant speculation ;)

First I want to discuss some of the things I liked in the recent official posts, then some questions about some unknown things, again all meant for the sake of discussion.

For me, one of the most exciting features comes with the Commercial and Industrial Centers, and the expanded resource extraction including the placement of ORSA facilities. Ships and Starbases are cool, obviously, but until we know more about what that will entail, they can't stand out too much.

For the C&I centers, it looks like we will have an expanded set of resource extractors, presumably designed to expand what resources are available (with research options to support that). From how I read it, it sounds like settlement owners might have the ability to research which resources are made available, which can add some interesting personalization and variety to the game.

Now onto one of my concerns. Level 6 Settlements and everything that comes from them are clearly designed for high-level players, as they will take lots of money and resources to make work. Some players have been preparing for these settlements for years, and have likely gathered huge quantities of resources and money, and will likely get a good jump on the rest of us. Which is all fine, as they are the ones most in need of something new in the game, presumably. My main concern though is with saturation. Once these people get things established (which will likely take awhile, and I don't expect there to be many of these going right away), and get a firm hold on the market, how easy will it be for newer players to eventually break into that market? If Walh-e-Mart (just as an example for the obvious name similarities - no offense meant for Walhabie) is able to make me a quality ship for low, low prices, will it be possible for a new Mom and Pop Ship store to break in and make anything worth selling to stay in business long enough to become an established corporation? Will this just make the big and powerful players even more so, and make it impossible for anyone else to compete?

Ok, onto some more open ended questions based on aspects that we haven't really seen how they will connect, but know exist, or just general wondering:

First and foremost, Genesis Planets. We have started making these, but haven't finished the first one yet. My suspicion is that Level 6 will wait until at least the first one is done. But what is the connection between the two. I had always assumed that the Genesis XP we've gained through donating resources will be used to "purchase" (in some way or another) the "resources" needed for Level 6 Setts. These "resources" will be funneled into C&I centers in some way, and delivered to the other two settlement types. This would at least slow things down a bit, and make even big players dependent on others, and would break some of the reliance on years of hoarding. But that's all my assumptions, so the question is: How are Genesis planets related?

One of the posts mentions Specialized Factories. What do you think Specialized Factories are? Are they factories to construct the modules needed for ship and starbase building, or what? I think there will have to be some underlying foundation of C&I facilities supporting the other settlements in order for these to be on even close to equal footing, so will these factories (or something) similar be the way, or are these just meant to provide additional sources of already existing resources?

It was also mentioned that Level 6 setts will be able to include Ship Repair facilities, which I think is a great addition. My question is whether it will be possible to have both a Manufacturing facility (for crafting) and a Ship Repair facility, or whether we will be limited to just the one like NPC settlements?

Will we be able to wander the halls of the PM settlements? I know, this is probably just a personal hope of mine, but I still think it would be cool :p

There are obviously lots of questions also about player-made ships and starbases themselves, obviously, which I will leave to other posts, most notably the use of Certificates, and whether PM ships will require these at certain levels to fly, etc. but again I intend this post mostly to address just issues regarding Settlements. I know there are a few things I've forgotten that I wanted to include, but this is at least a good jumping off point for others to continue the discussion. Assuming you can make it through this wall of text - I apologize for the length, but there's obviously a lot to discuss ;)
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