Player Made Ships

This sections holds information on reaching Settlement Level Six and Beyond with your Settlement. 'General discussion' on settlements should be held elsewhere.
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Player Made Ships

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Your Own PM Ship
Player Made Ships are manufactured using the Starship Manufacturing Center. The center itself is player owned and comes with a Promenade Store which the owner can store / display his manufactured ships.

Diversity Rules
A player made ship requires at least one Chassis and one Frame. These two items are essential. There are 20 Chassis Types. These range wildly but are based in a similar fashion to current ships in that they are based off a certain style of play. Combat, Hauling and Multi-role type chassis.

Once those have been chosen the owner of the SMC can then add extra ship packages. Each Player Made ship can contain up to Five packages and each package will affect the end build in various ways.

Armour, Hull, Energy, Cargo, Speed, Specials, Pods, and of course Build time are all affected by the Chassis, Frame and Packages added to the 'Build'.

Each Ship also requires an 'Armour Compound' this is a resource chosen for its ability to boost the overall HP of the end build. There are 18 types of Armour Compound that can be used vastly affecting the end HP of the build.

Once the build has been started it will remain 'cooking' (remember the shale and bake) in real time until complete. A player owning a SMC can only shake and bake ONE ship at a time. Once a build has begun it cannot be removed or cancelled.

Cost VS Performance
Player Made Ships will not by their very nature be Cheap. During each step of the build process the crafter can see the base Joes value of each item added and a running total of the base value of the ship. Players will have to work with their crafter if they wish to get the most economical price.


Owners of SMC's will need to sit and look at the affects that each part of a Ship Build have attached. They will be able to see this in both the Store before purchase and also in their Schematics view once purchased. This will enable both purchaser and customer to have some understanding of the items required for 'Their Ship'.

Running Costs
Each Player made ship will come with a running cost. This is majorly dependent on the end base cost of the vessel itself. The cost is assigned to the ship at the time of building, so expect prices to rise based on the value of what you put in to the ship. (Note: Running costs are not yet active and will not be activated until the crew project reaches stage 2.)

We will be phasing out from the General NPC Ships store a selection of the current / old ships. Don't worry it wont affect you if you still have one, in fact if you have a Universal License it may well work in your favour when it comes to moving on or selling one off later.

There will never be a complete Balance when it comes to ships. Players all want different things, you only have to read the forums to see what one calls tosh another runs around in happily all day long.

All we can say is that with the level of diversity we are offering it will mostly be down to YOU the players who actually set the resource prices and how balanced a ship is for its cost.

Ship Crew
Player Made ships will be the only ships in the game that will ever have the ability to 'have crew'. All PM ships come with Six slots for crew members. These slots will open over time and are not related to your personal level.

You will need to choose your crew very carefully from special new Ship Crew Stores. These crew members will be of great aid to you in that they can carry out missions on your behalf even when you are logged out.

I wont spoil the 'fun' aspect of this at this time, but lets just say that over time the crew element of a Player Made ship will become a major reason for choosing a PM ship over a store bought one.

(Update: Crew stage one is now released an operational).

Coops, Jul 17, 2012
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