Discord Merge

Help on joining in the Core-Exiles community chat. We run a 24X7 dedicated Discord chat server. You can connect with the in game chat which opens in a browser or via one of their many desktop apps.
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Discord Merge

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We are in the process of merging our Core-Exiles and Project Terran Discord chats into one Server. This is to better serve the two communities. As you know CE and PT are developed and run by only two Guys myself and Prev. We have a small but great bunch of staff who give their time freely and help and support where they can.

But having two distinct chats is not helping either game. So we are merging the two servers together. CE players nothing will change for you, the chat server is still the same location and using any current method will work to connect and chat. You will also arrive in the CE general chat window.

Project Terran players will begin to appear in the Project Terran General chat section of the discord channel within the next 24 hours.

This merger will mean you can chat with your fellow players from both games within the single chat framework. MANY of you and it may surprise you How many play both games. So trading and generally helping out your fellow players will become easier this way.

We will lax the Nick rules as you may end up joining the server from PT or CE and you may choose to use a different Nick on both. We won't hold that against you BUT we do ask that when getting rewards or asking fellow players to trade with you that you make it clear your actual in-game Captain name :)

Lastly, just to be clear - this is a Good thing. I know CE players hate change lol. We may well end up converting a slew of PT players over to CE as we have don't in the other direction and this will help grow our global comminuty, as we all know CE is well known for its welcoming and great community - so lets help that grow!

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