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A section for the Blind or Visually Impaired to chat and discuss screen-readers and Braille systems. When posting here please ensure you remember the target audience.
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Discord TTS

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It's been very frustrating for the last few weeks being without a standard inbuild TTS in discord. I am not personally Visually Impaired or Blind but use it as a 'background' listening post for the chat whilst I work. Of course for the Visually Impaired and Blind it's a godsend and opens up the ability to listen to chat without the need of a Screen Reader.

It seems the broke the TTS a few versions ago and have found a fix and its part of the Test Build. You can download the test build from their site and install it and set the TTS on and 'it works'.

I suspect once they have enough hardware fixes they will roll the full test build and the fix will appear in the live version.

You can Grab the Test Build here: https://discordapp.com/download

Make sure the wording above the 'Download Now' button is set to 'Public Test Build' - By default, it will say 'Get the Stable Build' clicking that link will toggle the stable and test download links.

If you have issues grabbing the test build (DiscordPTBSetup.exe) let me know and I'll help out.

Install: This may vary person to person, but I found I HAD to REMOVE (uninstall) the current live Discord I had on my system (windows 10) THEN install the PTB test build.

Activate TTS: It works the same as the live version and once logged in AND you have SET the TTS as on under 'User Settings / Notifications' and also under 'User Settings / Text & Images' - it springs into life!

Again I will reiterate this is my own personal findings but was reflected in posts I located about the issue with TTS and the Test Build working for others. I'm using Windows 10 here but the PTB works on Windows 7+

If you prefer to listen to the chat using a browser that already currently STILL support TTS.

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