The New Black Screen Gaming Core-Exiles Section, & An Interview With Coops

A section for the Blind or Visually Impaired to chat and discuss screen-readers and Braille systems. When posting here please ensure you remember the target audience.
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The New Black Screen Gaming Core-Exiles Section, & An Interview With Coops

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It has been a very long time in the works but I have finally managed to complete the Core-Exiles section on BlackScreenGaming. This is a centralized place for just about everything anyone would need to know in order to play the game using a screen reader. There are text guides on top of text guides, and for most pages an audio option if you would rather listen to the explanation.

For new players there is a getting started guide which is a screen reader focused guide covering completing the first two NPC chains. There is also a screen reader navigation section where all the most common Core-Exiles pages are broken down into their sections and explained, again both in audio and text.

Aside from that there is an advanced section with some higher level navigation tricks along with some guides on common tasks and how to do them faster. The advanced section will grow as time passes and more is thought of and added to it.
On top of the above I manually converted Alumoi's CLT.xls file which shows combat loot for different types of ships into easy to navigate simple HTML tables.

Yogan also allowed me to publish his resource listing as a static page for easier navigation with a screen reader.
Gruntok also assisted in creating a rather massive terms and deffinitions listing which could help any player fully sighted or not.
The capstone to the whole Core-Exiles section on BSG is an interview with Coops that runs just over an hour. Lots of topics are covered including where he got started, how he got to Core-Exiles, Accessibility of Core-Exiles and other websites, and What is coming in the game that others might not know about. Of course there is a bunch of general Core-Exiles talk mixed in through it all.

To check out any of the above including the interview you can go to
The BSG Core-Exiles Section
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Re: The New Black Screen Gaming Core-Exiles Section, & An Interview With Coops

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I loved your work, thanks! Because of this section, now i'm able to play this game better!

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