Galactic Emporium - Primer

Everyone was new at one time or another - This section holds our helpful Guides written by players and staff. Plus Primers written by the Developers.
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Galactic Emporium - Primer

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OK, so this is a Primer and not a final full guide. This is there so you can grab the details you need and get cracking on with owning / opening and stocking your own Galactic Emporium Store.

An overview - What is it?
Up till now in Core-Exiles your choices for 'unattended selling' items was pretty much the Player Market. Over time this has become used less and less for a variety of reasons and never really worked that well in the first place for what players wanted.

The Galactic Emporium is a place where you can open a Store all of your own. This store is a permanent testament to your sales ability and offers you the chance to place items on sale at a price you see fair. you can add stacks of items and your visitors can buy the stack or just one or as many as they like.

For those of you that craft this type of store is a great boon. Also for those of you that have 100's of items you wish you could put up on sale and not have to worry about them - this is for you.

At this point in time the Galactic Emporium Stores can sell 'Items' but not resources. See 'Add-ons' for details near the end of this Primer.

Opening a Store
You will find that the 'Galactic Emporium' is a location on promenades. It is in a way like Malls and Gleso's in that you need to open a Store within their office space. The similarities pretty much end there :)

First off a few things to remember :
You can open as many stores are you like up to the limit of your 'Emporium Licenses'.
You may ONLY open ONE store per location.
Each store will cost you a one time opening fee charged by the local Galactic Emporium Office. This may vary but starts at around 150K. (Credits). You will also require an 'Emporium License'.

Emporium Licenses
The rules for these are simple. You need ONE for every store you open. They are non refundable and consumed on use. You can get them from the Festive Store or from the Core-Exiles Store.

We have kept their costs low (in relative terms) and offered the Festive option (again fairly low in value) to keep them as fair as possible. You can see how many you might have left on your account at any time by reviewing your Upgrades tab on the Player Bio Page.

Baby Steps
Once you have opened an Emporium Store take five minutes to take a poke around. You have the main Home page for your store, the links across the top to add items to your store and the store front. You will also see an option to name your store and access to the store logs.

Naming Your Store
Lets be honest It really doesn't matter what I say here, I urge caution and forethought to how your going to run your store empire, but in the end we will end up with names that suit you the player. There are some rules, 25 characters including spaces, nothing inflammatory or not suitable for a family audience.

You will need to name your store BEFORE you can place anything into the Store front for sale. Once chosen you're STUCK with the name till we decide to come up with a renaming license or such like tool, so again choose wisely!

Store Log
This tracks items added, the store sales and also opening and closing of your store.

Open / close the Store
These Options were added so that whilst your doing stock control in your store players don't just wander in and start buying. So for your own good we suggest 'closing the store' when your about to edit the stock. By DEFAULT the store is CLOSED when first established. You can open it when you are ready.

Adding Stock
The whole Galactic Emporium system works off the Secure Storage network. This means from your Store home page you can review the entire Secure Storage network and pull any items from anywhere for sale at your store.

When adding items to the store front you can sell as many in a stack as you like. the price you set is the Price Per Unit. So if you have 10 Pulse Lasers and want to sell all ten for 10K each you'd enter 10000 in the box. Along with 10 for the value to sell.

Lets say you have 10,000 EBK's to sell and only want to sell 5K of them, then you would add 5000 to the amount box and the CPU into the credit cost box. It's very simple to pick up and understand. Follow the on screen prompts and you'll be on your way.

Emporium Store Limits
The emporium Store by default comes with 25 Rows for you to fill. That's a 25 unit limit. That could be 25 rows each with 50,000 items in, but each row regardless of the amount is 1 off your 25.

Ready to Sell
Once you have added the items to your store you can review them using the store front link. This will allow you to not only review what's on sale but also should you wish withdraw stacks from your store.

If you withdraw items from your store they are placed back into the LOCAL Secure Store. If such items already exist they are placed on to those stacks, if not new ones are created.

OK use the OPEN STORE link and your ready for your first customers!

Purchase Notification
When a player makes a successful purchase from your store it's noted in your stores log and you are sent a PM with the details and funds attached. The items are transferred to the players SECURE STORE at that location and they are sent a PM showing the sale details and reminding them where the items are stored.

At this point in time the Galactic Emporium is in its infancy. You can purchase Licenses for more / new stores with Festive points but anything past that falls into the 'CE Supporter' area. Of late a lot of ideas have been bandied around for CE support and we thought this a prime way of helping the CE global economy and also boosting long term the CE Store income.

Shortly we will be adding a few new items to the CE Store. These include the following :

Emporium License (should you not wish to spend Festive Points)

Emporium Stock Limit increase - These allow you to globally increase your Stores limits. Each one purchased adds 25 extra limit to each and every store you own or will own.

Store Rename - This is not in the store yet but will enable you to rename your store. The store will need to be empty of items up for sale, closed and the new name must not be in use.


Final thoughts - for those that have read this far I do have some thoughts to share about the Emporium and the future of the Player Market. The PM has never quiet sat right with us, it was a means to an end and allowed limited unattended trade between players. The largest issue was the repeated attempts to abuse its facilities. This led to it being crippled slowly over time with one change or another.

We will be eventually removing the Player Market from the game. The new Emporium will fill the gap left behind and if used correctly the emporium will become a great asset to serious players.

As we get closer to removing the PM we will make you aware of the changes, it wont be an overnight process but its a natural evolution of the game.