Derelict Combat - Primer

Everyone was new at one time or another - This section holds our helpful Guides written by players and staff. Plus Primers written by the Developers.
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Derelict Combat - Primer

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First off...
This is a Primer and NOT a full guide. It will outline what to expect and what not to expect. Make of this what you will, but its added to give you a leg up and understand the basics of Derelict Combat.

Derelict Vs Planets & the Expanse
This is the first iteration of 'personal combat' and as such is being released for Derelicts. Combat in Derelicts will be used as a test bed for rolling this out with slight variations for Planets and the Expanse. So please don't start a petition to have it added to planets etc. It will be added once I have run a careful eye over the results and ironed out the inevitable issues.

'Personal Combat'
Since we added the personal load-out screen you have been able to equip a Gun, some ammo and an armour suit of some description. Now they come in to use. (been a while i know but I've been rather busy if you haven't noticed) :)

At this time you will be expected to at least be carrying some form of side arm. I would suggest ammo and some armour if you have any. You can attempt to search for someone to shoot at but its unlikely your AI is going to let you attack anything without at least a side arm.

Finding something to shoot at ?
The button has been there since we added derelicts, so now pressing the 'Gun' icon (labelled 'Attack' for the Vi amongst you) will now look for something to enter combat with. The chances on this are as good or bad as the other activities in Derelicts. So don't expect to find a bad guy round every corner. Although don't be surprised to find three in a row either!

Targets of Opportunity
You will find we have added some fairly easy and humorous targets for you to attack. They will have varying HP stats and are all going to be terrible shots I suspect initially.

I doubt you're going to be a great shot either, and its a good time to point out that anyone can take part, but only those that are dedicated will actually excel in Derelict Combat. That's not to say that you can't dabble and have as much exposure and fun as anyone else.

A few Details
As a Derelict explorer, you have gained a few more stats to track :) I will list them here as some are abbreviated in game as we still have to cater for players on 1024 screens (a lot of you it seems!) I will also give a 'loose' explanation to what they affect. Please don't try and twist my arm for a more definitive answer as you wont get one. These are for you to figure :)

AGI = Agility ; This will affect Your chance at being hit.
SPD= Speed ; This will affect Your overall luck ( Also affecting both Hit and Miss from you and the enemy)
Aim= Aim; This will affect Your ability to hit the target.
Proff= Proficiency ; This will affect your proficiency with weapons (both hand and Ammo based).

The above stats start at Zero and will increase incrementally. They are BOOSTERS to the 'normal random' combat outcome and in time will begin to have an affect on combat outcomes.

Then we have CQC = Close Quarter Combat. This will rise by one for every combat opponent you Kill and IS REVIEWED by your AI. This requires you to 'Search The Dead'.

Accu = Accuracy; This is the OVERALL lifetime accuracy of your captain. This includes both shots and thumping them with your fists. (Running out of ammo reverts to Chuck Norris Mode.)
Attacks = Total Attacks; This is how many shots or attack attempts you have taken (lifetime).

The Combat
Once you have located an opponent the AI will let you know what you've found and remind you how many Attack Cycles you have on this opponent.

Initially, as we wanted to be nice to you, and for you to 'grow into' personal combat you will ONLY be matched against single opponents. You need to remove their entire HP to win. They in turn are going to try and kill you - be sure of that. Although as said earlier atm they are all going to be lousy shots :)

Once the target is dead you will see a yellow bar ('» Congratulations Captain' for the Vi out there) and also the button will change from 'Not Dead Yet' to 'Search the Dead'.

At this point your AI will suggest you go look through their pockets whilst he figures out if you managed to increase any of your basic fighting skills.

You will get both Misc loot (transferred direct to your ship) and also Resource loot. The later may be of great interest to some of you :) BRING a Sled!

In due time....
As you progress and your CQC rises you will gain MORE ATTACK cycles per combat session. I'll leave you to work that one out between yourselves. As you gain more Attacks so it will become easier to kill the bad guys, and eventually you'll start spawning more than one at a time (up to three).

New Blueprints
There are new blueprints to be found whilst walking the decks. These will enable you to engineer varied Ammo packs (larger and larger) and different armour and weapons. The incline on weapon damage is very shallow to begin with so don't expect to be toting a rocket launcher this time next week. But as with everything 'CE' we will be adding more and more blueprints, weapons, armour and ammo as time goes on.

After all if you're ever going to kill three opponents at a time you're not going to do it with a Basic Side Arm :) But in turn you also have to be prepared to bump up your personal combat skills. Without working on these (through combat) again you won't be killing three baddies any time soon.

Explorers League
The E.X will no doubt follow your early days of combat on board derelicts and I suspect they may well send you the odd 'care package' to aid those who take part.

A word About Balance
We have spent a while now on dev tweaking the stats and working out where we 'felt' was right for a starting point. We feel, its not too hard and not too 'easy'. But this is based on 'basic equipment'. Some of you will race through the equipment and that's fine, just please bare in mind the settings are on their lowest atm.

As you progress so will the bad guys and in time as your CQC rises your attacks will as well. Once you head into two and three bad guys you will once again find it harder, but hey thats CE :)

Over the coming weeks / months we will be adding more and more bad guys for you to trip over so bare with us. If you've read this far GRATS. But if your first question is 'when do we get Planet CQC' - please go back to the start :)