New & Out Of Fuel...

Everyone was new at one time or another - This section holds our helpful Guides written by players and staff. Plus Primers written by the Developers.
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New & Out Of Fuel...

Post by Coops »

It happens to us all from time to time, you look up and realize you're low if not out of fuel! But it tends to be something we see a lot from NEW PLAYERS. This is a short guide on how to remedy that in the short term and also in the long term. This post is not really aimed at the 'Old Timers' here although you may spot a post or thing you may have missed over the years.

Engines & Fuel Tanks

First Off: Fuel is generated every 15 minutes based on the Engine fitted to your ship. As a new player you have a Bio-Fuel Propulsion Unit 1. This produces 6 units of fuel on the 15 minute period. Doesn't sound like a lot but over a week that's 4025 a week. This is enough for light play, but there are other ways to improve this!

New players start with a FULL tank of 3,500 fuel. The basic fitted fuel tank is 3,500 and the Engine deposits the fuel in this tank. If the tank is full the engine simply wont produce fuel in that tick.

You can increase your Fuel Tank size with both Store Bought and Player made Fuel tanks which go into your 'Specials Load-out'.

You can increase your tick rate of fuel through various methods, the quickest and most long term is Buy a Bigger Engine. This is a great way to support the game you are enjoying playing :)

Each Engine increases not only your Fuel Tick, but also the Speed of the Ship and also gives independent Energy Boosts. If later you change ships don't worry your engine moves with you automatically. You only need buy ONE engine, though its often worth sitting down and pondering which one will best suit your play style.

To give you some idea the top engine gives an Energy Boost of 7,500, Bio fuel Per 15 mins 30 and a speed boost of 15. That engine will produce 20,160 units of fuel per week. That's enough to keep even the most ardent players happy :)


Coops I don't have any funds right now...

That's fine we understand and hopefully when you do you'll think of us :) But in the mean time....

Fuel Depot

There are a number of activities that you can do to get a boost to your Fuel availability. In Core-Exiles we use a Fuel Depot as a way of giving you Fuel in the form of a Ticket which is added to your 'Fuel Depot Account'. Then at your leisure you can USE a Fuel Depot and remove the fuel when you need it.

So how to gain a Few Fuel Tickets for Free! (from Day 1).

Get 5,000 Fuel Ticket for Free for showing us CE from your perspective : CLICK HERE

Tell us what you Think - There is generally always a Competition running in the Competition Section of the community forums. Look for the 'Tell us what you Think' type title. This incorporates a small task and then returning to claim your Prize. Generally this is a 5K fuel ticket and some extra goodies. (will vary).

That's 10K of fuel right of the bat...

Level Five Rewards
CE has an in game Reward that's claimable any time after you reach level Five. Once you attain this level look in the CE Guides Tab on the left and at the bottom you will find the 'Level 5 Rewards' link. Claim your reward pack that includes 5K fuel ticket and a One Month Premium Account upgrade. If you higher than level 5, don't worry the offer is there until you claim it!

Now lets look at more Medium Term / Long Term options...

Vote for 200 Fuel Daily
At the bottom of the Core Exiles main game page is blue bar, on that bar lives the 'vote for us' Thumbs Up icon. You can also access this option from the pull out CE Guides tab. Simply visit this link once every 24 hours and vote for CE on the sites that are shown. Note the voting check rolls here on CE at 16:00 each day. You also get rewarded with Festive Points!

Earn 500 Fuel Or 1 Month PA : READ HERE
One of our voting sites has a great deal with voters. If you create an account with them and login before you vote your vote will gain you a Gold Coin. These gold coins are added to your account and can be spent on their site for PA and Fuel Tickets on Core-Exiles. We have may players keep themselves in PA status simply using this method.

Win a Large Mech Pack (Inc Fuel Ticket) : READ HERE
Again this one couldn't get any easier. Post where you learned about Core-Exiles. Let us know how you found us. Couldn't be simpler. Add your post to the current thread. We scan it daily and award the Mechs when its read. I mention this here as the Mech Pack ALSO contains a 500 unit Fuel Ticket :)

Play Daily - Chance to Win 500 Fuel Ticket
Every day you play you are entered into a daily raffle. This is drawn TWICE a day and the lucky random winner is awarded a 500 Fuel Ticket. You can check the results via the CE Guides pull out Tab.

Special Festive Periods
On top of what's listed above we are always running competitions giving away Core-Exiles 'Fuel and Items'. We often award Server Wide prizes of Fuel Tickets when running large scale events like Mech Wars or special festive events.

Simply taking note of our Competitions Section in the Forums, Our Facebook Page and Timeline Page will help you spot when these events and prizes are up for grabs. Often you don't even have to do anything more than make a post!

A few more tidbits for feeding your 'Fuel Habit'

Premium Accounts
Being in Premium Account status means that you have an additions 2 units of fuel added per tick. That's an additional 1344 fuel per week. You can purchase Premium Account Upgrades via either the CE Store. OR in game using Festive Points via any Festive Center.

Purchase Fuel Ticket Direct - Some of you may have extra cash to spare sloshing around in your ships hold. Well we sell fuel directly in the form of Fuel ticket again in the CE Store.

Recommend a Friend
Got a friend? Someone who you think would like CE? Well you and your friend can make good on playing CE buy making Recommend a Friend Claims at various stages. The reward system must be read and understood before simply making a claim. But its a nice Phat bundle of loot for you both Yes including a 5K fuel ticket lol).

Patreon Support
You could consider supporting us via Patreon each month. There are sliding scales of rewards but you can choose which one suits you best OVER HERE. Patreon support is greatly appreciated and certain helps keep the development light on round here :)

Store Order Rewards
Lastly and one often overlooked. Store orders each month come with rewards for the value spent in the store. Each month I post a 'CE Official Sales' post in the Development & News Section of the forums. This post always carries with it an offer of rewards on support via the store. These van be large and VERY much worth the support you show, so don't forget to check them out when making a support purchase!

I'm sure Ive probably forgotten some way to gain fuel and I'm sure someone will tell me five minutes after I post this.

Re-Read the post, note the options that work for you NOW and pen the later options to the back of your skull for later when you have more time and perhaps funds to spare :)

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Re: New & Out Of Fuel...

Post by Sunflowers »

I've found that the Black Raven fuel transfer pod - and especially the Golden Eagle addition - is a very good investment. Instead of filling up my tank each time I now only have to take out the fuel I need for the trip I'm taking and leave the rest in the fuel depot to increase. I'm now building up a nice little stash and, with a bit of luck, I might never run out of fuel again :) !
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